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The Vision: Two Years on

In September 2017 The Essex Vision, “The Future of Essex” was launched. Organisations, partnerships and communities right across Essex contributed to the development of the document. The Vision sets out 7 ambitions that we will work together on as partners, and with our communities, to achieve by 2035.

When the Essex Partnership Board launched ‘The Future of Essex’ it represented a vision for change, an opportunity to give all the many, different communities, groups and businesses of Essex a way to collaborate in planning our future of the County.   We worked with communities, groups, organisations and businesses to draw out the strengths of our county and the people that live and work in Essex.

In 2017 we coined the phrase ‘change is unstoppable’. two years on from the launch of our shared vision and against a backdrop of significant global change, the time feels right to reaffirm the ambitions, celebrate our collective achievements and seek to drive forward progress through a plan of collective action.

Between February and April 2020, we will be coordinating the development of a progress update on the vision. This will include a visualisation of the insight and research headlines for 2020 against each of the seven vision ambitions as well as case studies showcasing work across the system.