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Make your energy contagious

Organisations effect lasting change only when individuals take personal responsibility for that change.

The Future of Essex isn’t a top-down directive. It’s a guidebook for change with the people of Essex placed firmly at it’s core.

Every individual has a role to play, and so it’s up to you how that change is made. We need to consider how we can work effectively together. That means each of us stepping out of our silos, and seeing how the things we work on every day can contribute to the bigger picture.

Every person living, working and guiding Essex will interpret this vision differently. Knowing where you and your organisation fit in the plan is vital to achieving collective success.

We need to work with our colleagues, networks and communities to promote the Vision and engage new audiences, which will enable us to identify work that exemplifies the Vision, begin new work to support the Vision, build trust, networks and collaborative  platforms.

To enable you to start having conversations, introduce the vision to new audiences and explore what The Future of Essex means for you, your organisation, the sector and place leadership you can download and use the presentation on this link. This presentation provides a narrative of our journey so far on The Future of Essex, and will enable you to present the background, ambitions and achievements of our shared vision, The Future of Essex, and to inspire others to get involved and connect with each other. This presentation will be updated monthly to ensure you have the latest Future of Essex news. You can also download The Future of Essex Communications Toolkit here and access The Future of Essex Style Guide here.

The Future of Essex is your starting point. 

It provides a real opportunity for the public sector to collaborate with each other and our communities in a completely different way.

Where now? Change is unstoppable and so are we!


Page last updated 28/03/18

You can download The Future of Essex presentation by clicking on the image below or using the link in the text on the left hand side of this page.


You can download a Communications Toolkit by clicking on the image below.

You can download the Future f Essex Branding Style Guide by clicking on the image below.