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Supporting communities in building civic pride and social capital

Loneliness is seen as a key and growing issue in Essex. A partnership approach with strong community involvement is envisaged as a key way to address this issue.

Our three ambitions:

  • Partners and Communities have a better understanding of the benefits of building Social Capital the impact of loneliness and how to help each other
  • There is a range of community led support to build on Community Assets and build capacity to support people to live well
  • People in Essex are proud of the place they live and are better connected to it.

Next Steps:

  • Modelling key drivers for Community Participation
  • Deep Dive Research into Social Capital Indicators in Essex relating to a range of aspects of 'social capital‘ including 'feeling part of the community', 'knowing neighbours', 'influencing decisions’ and ‘feeling ‘happy’
  • Best Practice Literature Review to be delivered.

What will have changed in six months

  • Using existing capacity we will build on successful initiatives such as Community Action Zones and Micro-volunteering
  • Launch of #EssexandProud Call to Action Campaign
  • Publication of Essex VCS map of both formal and informal community support
  • Launch of local place based Community Chest  


Bishop Roger Morris

Cllr Howard Rolfe, Uttlesford


Page updated 31/08/18