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Skills and educational performance

To combat education and skills inequality within Essex there is a need to provide further support to pre and post-16 education providers.

Our ambition is to inspire and increase young people’s aspirations.

The project aims to:
• Increase awareness of available opportunities
• Support the development of clear progression pathways at key transition points
• Encourage education and business partnerships to embed the eight Gatsby benchmarks across curriculum delivery.
• Seek opportunities to develop career pathways in identified growth sectors
• Promote a combined approach to support schools and colleges to navigate the current often complex careers information marketplace.

The project will prioritise a two phase approach to achieve the stated aims and objectives:

1. To work with secondary schools (pan Essex) to navigate the CEIAG landscape and be supported to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and other requirements in the Careers Strategy
2. To develop a ‘pilot’ detailed partnership task and finish group with the support of Tendring District Council, to review the consistency of CEAIG across schools, to map the plethora of agencies working in this arena and post 16 retention rates. Engage with key stakeholders inclusive of businesses to understand their vision for the next 5-10 years and drive an whole systems change approach, ensuring resources are utilised to support young people to gain appropriate information and skills equipping them for future career opportunities.

Project Sponsors

Iain Martin, Anglia Ruskin and Cllr David Finch Leader of Essex County Council are fully in support of this approach, and initial positive discussions have taken place with potential partners inclusive of colleagues from Tendring District Council, Health, Housing and Localities.