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Change is unstoppable. And so are we.

The Future of Essex was begun by Essex Partners, its content has come from every corner of Essex: local people of all ages and backgrounds, community groups and schools; public, voluntary and private sector leaders have all contributed through interviews, surveys, engagement sessions, conversations and activities.

The ‘we’ in this document includes those contributors, everyone working towards better social outcomes in Essex – and every other person making their life here in Essex.

The purpose of The Future of Essex is to give all the many, different communities, groups and businesses of Essex a way to collaborate in planning our future. To unite us. To set out the kind of Essex we want to live in. To transcend short-term agendas and move us towards the big things that matter to all of us. To take our pride in our county, and channel it for the good of everyone.

Organisations effect lasting change only when individuals take personal responsibility for that change. The Future of Essex isn’t a top-down directive. It’s a guidebook for change with the people of Essex placed firmly at it’s core.

Because change is always coming, and we want to make sure it’s positive and that it happens on our terms. We want to direct it, and seize the opportunities it presents. And the only way to do that is to work together.

Take a look at the seven ambitions set out in The Future of Essex. These ambitions focus on the things that we want to achieve in the next 20 years in Essex.



Change is always coming, and we want to make sure it’s positive and that it happens on our terms