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University & ecda launch new Data Science degree

The University of Essex is launching its first MSc in Social Data Science in collaboration with ecda to build additional capacity in data science within the Essex system.

The Master of Science degree will begin in October and will be delivered by the University’s Department of Government, the number one Politics Department in the UK.

The new course equips future social scientists with a range of skills in advanced data science and artificial intelligence that will enable them to undertake social sciences research, making use of increasingly large and complex data sets. This degree provides an introduction and solid foundation in data science with emphasis on big data, new forms of data, and computational methods to work with such data.

Professor Alex Quiroz Flores, Chief Scientific Adviser to Essex County Council, and Deputy Director of the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, University of Essex and member of ecda said: “Introducing this type of course creates a new opportunity to build capacity in data science in local government and within the region. The course enables data colleagues within ecda and its partner organisations to continue their professional development and apply valuable data skills to some of the complex challenges facing us now and in the future.”

The new MSc is a very exciting development for ecda, supporting our ambition to build analytical capacity across our organisations, extend our capabilities and establish excellence through collaboration, and we will not stop here. The University of Essex will continue to work with ecda to create more learning and development opportunities to introduce new data and analytical skills for the future. Every professional journey is different, and we hope to build a full set of training programmes that will suit every type of interest and professional development plan, from summer school courses and bespoke training, to longer term options in the form of undergraduate and graduate courses.

ecda has ambitious training goals for its second year that will support us to achieve our aspiration to embed integrated data and analytics within the Essex system by building capacity, pushing boundaries, and leading innovation.

You can find out more about how ecda has been connecting people and data through training and the impact of applying new skills to data analysis within our mental health and physical inactivity work through reading our blogs here.