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October Data Show and Share

Surveys play a large part in our understanding of society and provide vital information about the way people experience the world and the services that they access.

Tricia Smith, Senior Analyst in Data and Analytics at ECC, has a passion for survey design and survey analysis, and in our next Show and Share, to be held on 20 October, she will build on a previous session we ran earlier this year called ‘Which Test’ applying it specifically to survey analysis.

Tricia and her colleagues will talk us through the different considerations and steps involved in analysing survey data and will focus on the key principles of Explore, Recode and Deduct.

The team will bring this to life using a real life example when Ana Dutu and Daniel Crampton talk through some analysis they did to understand residents attitudes to data sharing.

All data colleagues from across Essex are welcome to attend this session.

For more information or to join the network please contact