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Essex Chief Executives Association commitment to building an analytics culture in Essex

Essex Chief Executives have given their support in principle to the development of a Data Declaration that will support Essex public services to shape a data culture that drives the use of analytics and insight led decision-making.

The Essex Data Declaration will help organisations to achieve:

  • A culture where the use of data and analytics is embedded throughout, and which facilitates decision making and improved outcomes
  • Timely and effective information governance processes that ensure data use is lawful, fair and supports social good
  • Accessible operational data that is not stuck in silos or proprietary systems
  • Access to learning and development resources to build organisations’ understanding of the opportunities and impact of data analysis
  • A willingness to share data within and beyond organisations to develop a shared understanding of common challenges
  • Ethical application of data analytics, going beyond the law to build the trust of our residents
  • Accountable data leadership structures, key to setting expectations and modelling behaviours that support analytics, insight and data driven decision making.

Signing up to the Data Declaration will be a first step on the data journey for many organisations and ecda is looking at the ways in which it can provide ongoing support. Partners already have access to a professional data network, methodological advice, ethics specialists and a platform for data sharing. Data master classes for senior leaders are anticipated to be delivered alongside the Data Declaration.  

A full draft of the Data Declaration will be presented to Essex Chief Executives Association (ECEA) in early November. For more information, or to contribute to the development of the Data Declaration please contact