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Data Asset Map

Our emergency response to COVID-19 highlighted the value and impact of partnership data analytics. It also identified some of the barriers that public sector organisations face in joining and analysing the data they hold about the services we provide to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Together the Essex Online Partnership and Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda) are keen to identify opportunities for data collaboration across shared priorities within the Essex public sector.

To help us improve how we work together, identify learning and development opportunities and shape our data culture to better prepare us for a future system data response, we want to understand the current level of data capability and capacity in different organisations. A comprehensive data asset map for Essex would be a valuable resource for all, informing our individual and collaborative data work.

EOLP and ecda are asking data analytics teams within partner organisations to complete a short survey, seeking their assessment of their organisation’s capacity and capability across data management, data manipulation, analytics and data science and reporting and visualising data. We are also asking about the range of software programs and languages currently in use.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and responses submitted by Friday 20 November.