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People powered places workshop

The next twenty years will bring substantial growth in Essex’s population and housing stock.  It will see the development of new communities, both in our existing towns and cities and in wholly new settlements, and the deployment of new technologies in these places. This will have profound impacts on the way we live, the way we work and the way we look after each other. 

This change is unstoppable. And so are we.

On 1st August leaders from across Essex’s public services will meet to shape the future and explore how together we design, build and sustain new communities.

Expert speakers will facilitate debate and discussion on the opportunities to go beyond traditional approaches to stewardship of assets in new communities; encouraging reflection on future dynamics of the relationship between citizens, civil society and public services, and the role of citizen powered approaches in designing and building new communities.

This event aims to challenge us to deliver more ambitious collaboration, share new approaches, scale-up what’s working and unlock the potential of Essex. What are the important things to factor in? How can you enable communities to thrive? What infrastructure and actions enables this to happen?

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