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Hattie Phillips

Hattie Phillips is a young campaigner for the protection of the planet in its broadest sense. She is a strong believer in the health and justice that will lead to creating a healthy future for not only nature but for people as well.

Hattie works alongside national and global organisations to raise the profile of climate change and how young people can be a driving force in respect of strategy and decision making. She is also an appointed WWF youth ambassador helping to support the organisations engagement with young people as well as intergenerational.

Hattie has been recognised for her work in this field with awards from Essex Wildlife Trust, the Local Authority and from her secondary school where she received the Jack Petchey award for her efforts to bring about change at school but and the wider community.

Following on from education, she is a volunteer with the youth led campaign group ‘Teach The Future’ whose mission is to greatly improve education on the climate emergency and ecological crisis in the UK.

A note from Hattie: “I am passionate about bringing people together from professional and personal life to bring about good change towards the planet that we all share.”