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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Too often issues are only dealt with when a crisis occurs. A child is excluded from school for disruptive behaviour. An older person ends up in Accident and Emergency after having a fall. Police are called out to a domestic abuse incident within a home.

The Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda) is a partnership venture between Essex County Council, Essex Police and The University of Essex. As organisations that deliver key services – social care, education, public health, public safety - to some of the most vulnerable people in Essex, we want to understand some of our most challenging problems – homelessness, domestic abuse, gang violence - in greater detail so that we can intervene earlier to prevent issues escalating.

To achieve this, we’re working together to understand an issue, such as domestic abuse, in its entirety by joining the data we each hold about the services we provide in Essex. As a result, we’re gaining a much greater understanding of what support we should deliver, and where, to prevent people from harm.

 Here’s everything you need to know about how ecda is bringing data together to help Essex

Click on each question to hear from Senior Members of ecda’s Sponsors Board: BJ Harrington, Chief Constable, Essex Police; Gavin Jones, Chief Executive, Essex County Council; Anthony Forster, Vice-Chancellor, the University of Essex; and Dr Vicki Harrington, Director of Strategic Change, Essex Police, as they answer your questions.

What is the Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda)?

What is ecda’s purpose?

Why do Essex Police and Essex County Council want to share the data they hold with each other?

What does ecda do with the data?

What does ecda do with the insight it generates?

Why is ecda partnering with the University of Essex?

Why are Essex Police investing in data analytics?

How does ecda help Essex Police and Essex County Council serve the people of Essex?

What difference is ecda making to people’s lives?

How is ecda involving the people of Essex in this work?

Is data and analytics just another new trend?

What opportunities are there for data colleagues within Essex to get involved?

What types of issues does ecda share data on?

How can ecda help other partner organisations in Essex?