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What better way to amplify everything that data teams across Essex are achieving than by bringing them together through the Be Part of the Equation network.

At our last event, held virtually on 7 October, we focused on COVID-19 recovery; introducing new insight, new tools, discussing what we’ve learned from our emergency data response and what we might do differently in future. You can see the highlights of our discussions in the illustration on the right.

Colleagues from ECC and Essex Police shared the forecasting work they had done to identify latent demand created as a result of COVID-19 lockdown, sharing the outputs, the forecasting technique, and the code that was developed.

The next event will be held on Wednesday 18 November 2020, 2-4pm. 

Debunking data analytics myths

14:00 Welcome from David Caplan Head of the Essex Centre for Data Analytics
14:05 Myth: You need a PhD in data science to do data science!
David Caplan Head of ecda will talk about the skills needed to do data – and why many of them are best learned at work.
14:35 Myth: Building a Machine Learning Algorithm is really complicated!
Stephen Simpkin, Data Science Fellow ECC, will demonstrate how risk stratification has the potential to impact almost everything we do.
15:05 Myth: You need a lot of data to deliver impactful predictive analytics!
Josie Harding, Head of Insight and Evaluation at Mid and South Essex NHS will present their work to predict respiratory disease before A&E admission
16:00 Wrap up and close David Caplan

All data colleagues working within the Essex public sector are welcome, for more information or to join the network please contact



Last updated 05/11/20