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What's in it for you?

At ecda we live and breathe data, and we recognise that is not the case for every organisation within the county – and we’re here to help! ecda can support you to achieve your data ambitions, whether that’s developing your analytical capability, expanding your capacity to join data and deliver new analytics projects, understanding the potential of your data, or supporting you to establish the foundations of your data analytics approach.

Looking for inspiration?

Countywide Show and Share events take place every six weeks, they are open to all colleagues within the Essex public sector and are a source of inspiration for what’s possible with the data your organisation holds. Contact us for more information.

Access to resources

The ecda blog went live in June and gives you access to everything we’re learning, the highs and the lows! The blog provides links to project documentation templates, from feasibility to lessons learned frameworks, and everything in between.

We’re currently mapping out the county’s data assets to create a shared resource of the knowledge, skills and datasets available within the county to support further collaboration.

ecda has procured a data platform to enable the secure sharing of data between organisations. The Amorphic platform, built on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, enables organisations to securely load data into the controlled environment. Once uploaded, the platform gives access to a wide range of tools for data analysis and the data is protected with state-of-the art-security controls limiting access to those who need it.

Professional development

ecda’s unique partnership with Essex Police, Essex County Council and the University of Essex provides access to  formal training and continued professional development, there’s something for everyone that works with data.

Peer support 

Quarterly Be Part of the Equation networking events enable data colleagues across the system an opportunity to meet colleagues online, develop skills, gain insight, problem solve and collaborate.

In addition, the ecda Methods Board has been set up to work with data colleagues across Essex throughout the lifecycle of a project, who may benefit from some support and review of analytical work they are doing. It provides an opportunity for all those involved to develop a greater understanding of a range of methods within the analysts’ tool kit – this applies to both members and those involved in projects.

Duncan Taylor, who specialises in performance and business intelligence for ECC, joined ecda on 19 July and will be delivering a strategy that aims to build data capability across the Essex system. Duncan says: “ecda has been working with organisations across the sector for two years and recognises the shared ambition to expand our collective capability for data and analysis so that together we can drive evidence led decision that results in positive outcomes for people.

"There is lots of great data work happening across Essex and through the sharing of skills and best practice, and by providing some practical materials and additional resource we have a great opportunity to realise that ambition.”

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Page created 10/8/21