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New Chair appointed to Data Ethics Committee

The Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda) is pleased to announce the appointment of Martine Clark as Chair of the Data Ethic Committee (DEC).

As an independent committee the DEC’s role is to ensure data ethics is embedded in every stage of ecda’s work, and that data projects are in the public interest, translating key public law and human rights principles into practical considerations and guidance that can be addressed by ecda to drive forward innovation which delivers real value to citizens of Essex.

Martine Clark, Head of Government Sector for Methods Analytics, is an experienced data policy and strategy leader and has been a committed member of the DEC since its inception in 2020. Martine brings to the role her vast experience as an economic advisor within the civil service, senior data leadership roles which cut across technical delivery, policy-making, and high-level strategy, combined with a real passion for enabling operational business leads, technical decision-makers and policy specialists to work together to deliver better outcomes for the public.

Martine Clark, Chair of the Data Ethics Committee, says: “I am extremely pleased to be appointed as the Chair of the data ethics committee. This year we’ve already seen first-hand the commitment of ecda to applying the highest possible ethical standards to its work so that residents across Essex can have trust in how their data is used.”

The DEC consists of 10 members each selected because of their personal and professional experience and their willingness to bring their individual perspective to all issues considered by the group.

“We’ve got a diverse mix of skills in the committee, and I think together we will provide ecda with the challenge and support to make sure their work is clear, open and transparent. This transparency really is key, and we’ve been working on a Data Charter, which will be published, to set out the principles for all those working in ecda and the DEC (more on that in a blog soon!),” adds Martine.

We are looking for additional people living and working in Essex to join the existing members of the DEC. Volunteers will join the 10 Committee members who together have a range of skills that include data science, ethics, ethical use of technology, human rights, public sector and/or police ethics, social policy, IT, change management, research methods, health policy, regulatory frameworks, sociology, criminology, general or digital ethics and moral philosophy. No qualifications or areas of expertise are required to volunteer to join the DEC, new members are only required to reside within the county and to be prepared to provide their thoughts, and experiences as a resident of Essex. This will especially assist in identifying any issues of discrimination, privacy and other ethical issues from your perspective as a resident who may potentially be impacted by the work of ecda.

The DEC will actively seek a membership that reflects the county and its citizens in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and religion.

You can read the full Terms of Reference here.

 Updated 21 July 2021