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Understanding the impact of lockdown

In 2020 everyone’s lives were turned upside down by Covid-19. The pandemic impacted the people of Essex, and the services and support that Essex County Council, Essex Police and their partners provide.

As we moved towards greater social normality, Essex public services needed to understand what future service demand might look like and gain more detailed insight about the wider societal impact of Covid-19.

Drawing upon Essex County Council and Essex Police data, research, and practitioner experience the Essex Centre for Data Analytics, undertook forecasting work to identify levels of harm, risk and vulnerability across child abuse and neglect (phase 1 of project), and mental health (phase 2).

We found that there had been a significant shift in the nature of demand across these issues, both in volume and in complexity, as a direct and indirect consequence of Covid-19. The impact across all ages is expected to continue long after the vaccination programme has been rolled out.  

The insight from this work supported strategic decision making, bringing together colleagues across the county for the development of early interventions to tackle the effects of latent demand, informing recovery plans and medium-term resource planning.

Full evaluation of phase 1 of the project can be found here.

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