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Chicklets launches to deliver targeted community services

Hayley Cramp, a mother and beautician from Vange, launched Chicklets baby and toddler group in January, together with her friends and family, to provide a space where everyone could get together, socialise, learn, and build upon Vange’s strong community spirit.

Run entirely by volunteers Chicklets provides a friendly and safe environment for babies and toddlers 0-5years to have some fun while parents, grandparents and carers can have a cuppa and a catch up, or get involved in painting, playing and much more!

Hayley said: “My mum was always wonderful with children and would have loved the opportunity to bring children and parents in Vange together. I lost mum to cancer when my son was just 5 months old, it was a difficult time, many local new parents’ groups had closed in the area, I needed support and something positive to focus on, and I knew the best way to honour her was by starting Chicklets. With the help of my stepfather and my friend, and the kind donations from the community we were able to bring our idea to life.

“I’m thankful to the New Generations Community Group, who have supported us with funding to buy much needed furniture and new equipment as our group has steadily grown from six children a week to 20, plus their parents and guardians. Chicklets allows the children to build confidence, make friends and at the same time it’s an opportunity for the adults to get to know each other, support one another and find out about new activities within the community. We couldn’t do it without our volunteers, who have helped Chicklets, and the children that attend to thrive, they give so much; their time, energy, ideas and plenty of toys!

“There are so many things we could do in Vange, and Chicklets has taught me that all it takes is one good idea, three enthusiastic people, and you can create so much to benefit lots of people in the community. I would encourage anyone in the area who has an idea for a group, activity or event, to get in touch with the New Generations project to see how they might be able to help you to make your dreams a reality too.”

We all want our children to have the best start in life. The New Generations project is run by parents, teachers and members of the Vange community, with support from Essex Partners, including Basildon Borough Council and Essex County Council, it is providing residents in Vange with the opportunity to deliver new services for the community that give our children everything they need to flourish.

If you live or work in Vange and like Hayley, have a great idea that you want to put into action, or have time you can give to helping others, get in touch with New Generations via facebook or twitter, you’ll find us @VangeFamilies


last updated 26 Nov 2018

Listen to Hayley Cramp, Maryanne Odei and Sarah Hatton share their story by clicking on the video link below


From left to right, Sarah, Hayley, Bevan, Maryanne and Edward