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Connecting and cutting through complexity

In a county the size of Essex, it is easy to find ourselves operating in isolation. Even when we are working with our partners we can simply be operating in a slightly larger silo.

That is where the Essex Strategic Coordination Group (ESCG), which I am pleased to chair, can be a great help to partners across Essex.
The group provides a forum for connecting key pieces of work across partnerships, organisations and geographical boundaries.
It aims to cut through some of the complexity of the various boards and groups in Essex and to help transform partnership strategy into local delivery.
Last year we played a key role in the linking the Future of Essex projects with each other and identifying and overseeing a series of deep dives into strategic needs.

However, I believe the biggest achievement of the group was the role it played in the development of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. By connecting partners from across the system including those outside a health and care setting we were able to create a strategy that sets out a shared approach to improving the lives of people in Essex. It was a real demonstration of the benefits of breaking down silos.

"The challenge for the year ahead is to drive forward delivery of work such as this, and support local action to achieve our shared ambitions for Essex"

Ian Davidson, CEO Tendring District Council, Chair of ESCG.

Over the next few months ESCG will focus on:

• Improving partnership working – building on what works, sharing best practice and identifying the gaps
• Supporting the delivery of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
• Supporting the priorities of the Essex Chief Executives Association including
• Reducing Violence and Vulnerability
• Growth and Infrastructure
• Tackling Inequality

If you would like to bring any items for discussion to the meeting or just attend and hear what partners across Essex are doing, please contact