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Who is #LGE2019 for?

“Sometimes I feel a bit defeated. I’m doing what really feels like the right thing to do, but every other signal and pressure I’m getting points in the other direction.” Participant in #LGE2018 

#LGE2019 is designed for people who wish to take their skills in managing and leading change to the next level, who wish to really explore the nature of leadership required to bring about change in the Essex public services system. It is for people who realise that they need to learn how to think differently and do differently in order to lead effectively in the 21st Century. It is definitely for people who are open, curious, and thirsty for challenge and disruption.

We expect participants to be in senior and/or strategic positions across the whole range of public and voluntary service organisations serving Essex. You will be someone passionate about improving outcomes for the people that you serve, and keen to play a bigger role in working with colleagues across the County to meet head-on the complex challenges Essex faces today. Perhaps you feel blocked by the traditional mechanisms that are used to try to achieve change across complex systems. You might be frustrated by rules, priorities, practices and people that appear not to be lined up with what you feel is really important for Essex and its citizens. You are trying to do what you feel matters, but often feel stuck, or slowed down. It’s frustrating. Does this sound familiar?

 Is this programme for me?

  • Are you the sort of self-motivated person who wants to learn, lead, contribute, act, and would like to learn to thrive in ‘messy’ system-wide work?
  • Do you want to further develop your leadership skills, tools and approaches in challenging and supported real work situations, especially in contexts where you hold no formal or hierarchical authority?
  • Are you curious? Are you interested to explore ideas, provocations and perspectives beyond your own; to test and develop your ability to see and step beyond your own mental traps?
  • Are you willing – with support – to step forward and step up: to decide how to take action without someone telling you precisely what to do?
  • Are you committed enough to manage the diary challenge?
  • Can you commit to attending these 10 published days with the cohort, plus carving out 3-4 additional days of time to deepen your learning and work together with colleagues to make a real difference to Essex citizens?

Participants of LGE2018