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Let the journey begin

#LGE2019 will begin in May 2019 and run until March 2020.

Participants will experience some direct teaching of frameworks and intellectual constructs to understand the systems we work in and leadership of change.

As participants further develop their capabilities practical tools and methods will be applied both in their day job, and on a ‘100 Day Challenge’ which they will choose to work on with some colleagues.

Reflection is key – with the cohort of colleagues and with senior sponsors of the programme –  deepening the shared understanding about how systems work and how to lead effectively in  Essex.

There will be 10 days of contact time as a cohort, including a 2 day overnight residential, plus an expectation that participants will be able to carve out some additional time (we expect this to be 3-4 days) to work with colleagues experimenting and applying skills and growing confidence.

Through participation in #LGE2019 participants will:

  • grow consciousness of their own frames and perspectives (ways of thinking);
  • build a collaborative awareness of their context and the culture and behaviours that characterise it (ways of being and doing);
  • understand some basic features of the theoretical underpinning around systems thinking, complexity, and implications for leadership;
  • reflect and learn, with a focus on action: become aware of their own agency in the system as leaders, as shapers of the context and leaders of change;
  • develop, apply and reflect iteratively on more active forms of leadership, becoming (with colleagues) a community of practitioners who are keyed into the new challenges of leadership and are readying themselves to respond;
  • understand learning as a critical leadership discipline, and how to create environments in which other colleagues can learn;
  • identify their own learning needs, and those of their organisations.

To provide focus will engage in a system-wide enquiry working alongside other #LGE2019 participants, to ‘consult’ to the system to bring about change on a problem that extends beyond simple organisational boundaries. An adaptive leadership challenge will also be completed within existing organisational role, where success requires leading, to some degree, beyond formal or hierarchical control over the process and outcomes. 

You can access the full #LGE2019 curriculum by downloading the brochure here.


 To download and read the full #LGE2019 brochure click on the image below.