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Leading Greater Essex 2018-19

The second Leading Greater Essex programme will commence in June 2018.

We're looking for the county's future leaders. If you’re ready to be a catalyst for change within your organisation and across Essex this programme could be your opportunity to shape the future.

The Leading Greater Essex programme is looking to create collaborative leaders that will shape future services by seeing issues not in Police, health or council silos, but instead as common challenges that we need to work on together. The Leading Greater Essex programme will be ambitious, innovative, enabling, action-orientated and will enable you to build a valuable support network for your continued development.

The programme will deliver for the individual, organisation and the whole Essex system by:

  • Developing future leaders and building their skills and system-leadership thinking
  • Expanding expertise to support organisation’s ambitions
  • Delivering outcomes for local people through practical projects
  • Creating collaborative networks and effective partnerships to shape the future.

What is Leading Greater Essex?

Leading Greater Essex is a 12-month leadership development programme, bespoke to the needs and ambitions of Essex, which will bring together 50 public and voluntary sector leaders to build collaborative system leaders by providing:

• Expert leadership input, for example through masterclasses
• Facilitated 121 coaching and learning, with the support of system leadership mentors
• Whole system networking opportunities to re-frame critical issues facing Essex
• Development of collaborative mindsets and emotional intelligence
• Development of relationships and networks across the cohort and beyond it
• Applied learning through delivery of practical projects that will benefit local residents
• Links will also be made with the wider voluntary and community sector through the Aspire leadership development programme.

Creating system leaders

More than 40 leaders successfully completed the Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative in 2016-17 and are now applying their learning within their place of work, operating as effective system leaders. Participants graduated from the first leadership collaborative feeling more confident, motivated, self-aware having developed a sector-wide support network.

They reported a greater understanding of the impact successful whole system collaboration could achieve, and had an increased sense of shared ownership and accountability towards solving the county’s critical issues, as well as more trust in their public sector partners to achieving collaborative leadership.

Since completing the programme a number of the participants have progressed into more senior roles within leadership in Greater Essex.

Potential Candidates for 2018-19

Leading Greater Essex is recruiting emerging leaders that reflect the diversity and geography of public services in Essex, Southend and Thurrock. The programme will support 50 leaders to operate confidently and effectively across organisational boundaries by providing 12 months of leadership development.

We are looking for participants that are already displaying:

• High leadership potential – you are already fulfilling a senior role and have the potential to apply your learning to whole system working
• Strong leadership behaviours – you are open, collaborative, behave with integrity and want to further enhance your behaviours
• Personal commitment – you are enthusiastic about the programme and are committed to investing your time and energy into your personal development
• Collaboration – you work beyond your service or organisational boundaries to influence outcomes by delivering collaborative agendas, shared ambitions and are extending your leadership behaviours beyond the usual limits of your responsibilities and authority.

Programme delivery approach

The programme will provide a convergence space – in which participants can share experiences and expertise and come together to reframe key issues.

Together the system wide network of participants will provide a learning community and will enable individual challenge and support.

At the core of the programme will be a series of complex projects – aligned to support organisational growth and achieving strategic ambitions – and will require different parts of the system to work together to progress.

Launching in June 2018 this is a 12 month personal leadership development programme that will require substantial commitment from participants to achieve the learning outcomes. The fee for participating in the programme will be around £2,000 per participant. There is a bursary available to fund five places for voluntary and community sector organisations. 

We are anticipating a total cohort of around 50. There is no limit to the number of nominations each organisation can make; however we will be looking to ensure that the final group reflects both the county and the sector’s diversity and geography. Applicants can apply online until noon on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Apply to be a part of Leading Greater Essex now.