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What is it for? What is it not?

The Leading Greater Essex Programme (#LGE2019) is an opportunity for aspiring and senior leaders to develop their capabilities and confidence as system leaders, and reflecting behaviours of collaboration, shared purpose and enquiry.

The aim of #LGE2019 is to take a cohort of leaders from across Essex, expose them to new thinking and methods for leading in complexity and across systems, help them to apply this learning to priority challenges, and for the wider system to be able to learn with, and from, their deepening experience and understanding of systems change in Essex.

#LGE2019 is a mixture of learning to think differently and learning to do differently to better serve citizens, it is not a merely intellectual exercise – although there will be plenty to think about. It is not a purely personal development programme – because in addition to growing learning, the opportunity is to help further shape the whole system’s understanding of change: how do we need to be and how we need to be together in order to be high impact practitioners in the Essex system?

#LGE2019 is not a traditional ‘training programme’, it's been designed using an evidence-based theory of learning to deliver sustained change in people’s behaviour and practices.