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Slowing down to speed up

Some things can be learned "just in time" - you need to tackle a tricky Excel formula and YouTube has a brilliant video tutorial - just in time for you to get the spreadsheet finished.

Other things can be learned "just in case". Leadership might fall into this category - you can't pause 'leading' to look something up on Google, however the time that's required for learning the far-reaching skills of leadership might prevent you from working on the urgent issue at hand.

The time pressures we face when trying to prioritise taking time out to learn, often compromise how much time we feel we can take away from the day-to-day urgent stuff. A familiar conundrum!

Our work priorities and pressures can change so quickly that we need to be able to adapt quickly too. Slowing down to speed up can give us an opportunity to develop the skills and behaviours we need to deliver new results.

It's important to remember that the most effective leaders don't develop their skills overnight ─ they're the result of years of hard work and training. ASPIRE – a 12-month accelerated leadership development programme for 15 voluntary and community sector leaders – balances these opposing forces; time away from the office to explore and develop depth, with webinars and coaching phone calls that are minimally disruptive yet maximally productive, to reach the kind of personal leadership development that we aspire to.

Study after study shows that organisations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that do not. Gaining confidence, new skills and connections, growing awareness and identity are just some of things that you stand to gain from investing in your own development. A good leader has more than experience in their sector – they excel because they recognise opportunities to flourish, and can draw on perspectives and learning that they have gained while developing themselves.

Prioritise developing your leadership skills.

Do it for yourself. For your growth and development. For your future.

Rob Mugglestone

Humans Being

The ASPIRE programme is being delivered by Humans Being, a leading Organisational Psychology Consultancy that works with global clients including PwC, Zurich, UNICEF and Big Society Capital to attract, hire and grow their people.

Page updated 01/03/18