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Future leaders for the voluntary and community sector

Building a New Generation of Leaders

ASPIRE is a 12 month leadership development programme that started in February 2018 and brought together 15 people from the Voluntary and Community Sector in Essex to create a strong cohort that will learn together through an accelerated development journey.

The programme has been commissioned by the Essex Partnership in recognition that growing the skills and capabilities of a cohort of leaders for the voluntary and community sector is a long term investment that will support delivery of the county’s shared vision – The Future of Essex – and foster a new generation of leaders for the benefit of the sector and everyone who calls Essex home.

Increasingly voluntary and community services in Essex are suppliers of public sector services and are essential and valued partners in the Greater Essex system. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to support and develop the sector and ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to tackle future challenges.

System wide leadership development is being provided through the Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative, but there is also a need for sector specific opportunities. Together these opportunities will build a new cadre of voluntary and community service leaders to contribute to succession planning for the sector.

Developing sector leaders who understand both sector specific and system wide issues, and have the skills to operate more effectively as a result, will build a step change in the capacity of the sector to deliver services that meet commissioned requirements and deliver better outcomes for people.

The ASPIRE programme is aimed at senior professionals that are currently employed within the Essex social sector, working for a voluntary or community organisation, social enterprise or charity, who have the desire to forge a future leadership career in the sector.

Meet the ASPIRE group.