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The ASPIRE journey begins

Fifteen senior professionals from across the voluntary and community sector in Essex came together on 7 February 2018 to begin their ASPIRE leadership development programme.

These future leaders will design a bespoke leadership plan to enable them to build specific leadership skills that they personally require, and will have the opportunity to practicing these skills through on the job experience. Everyone will benefit from a mix of group residential days, individual 1:1 coaching, group webinars and optional external placements. Individually, participants will receive additional development aligned to personal goals and leadership vision. However, leadership isn’t just about the leader – leadership isn’t done in a vacuum. They will also learn about the nature of the people in the teams they lead, how they can create great environments, enable high performance, and develop and coach their teams. These opportunities will allow the participants to develop new skills both through more formal learning and also to apply them in a practical way on real-life issues by providing ‘on the job’ experience in the workplace.

The 12 month leadership development programme will leave our 15 leaders feeling challenged, supported, engaged and ready for more, with a valuable learning network to support future growth.

The programme will be delivered by Humans Being, a leading Organisational Psychology Consultancy that works with global clients including PwC, Zurich, UNICEF and Big Society Capital to attract, hire and grow their people.

We'll keep you posted on their journey.


Page updated 8/02/18


 Our 15 ASPIRE participants meet their three coaches to kick start their leadership journey