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Submit an idea

Anyone can submit an idea for the Essex 2020 programme – from individuals to multi-national corporations. We are interested in hearing from people and organisations with new ideas or projects as well as those with projects already planned for 2020.

Does your idea or event:

  • promote science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – in education, business or culture?
  • connect Essex residents to the world they live in, and each other – celebrating Essex's past, present or future?
  • help put Essex on the map, sparking curiosity, diversity, sustainability, creativity, discovery and/or innovation to new audiences?

Then, we’d love to hear about it.

How to submit an idea

Whatever stage your idea is at, or however you would like to get involved, it is really helpful for us to get an idea about what success means to you and what support you might need.

So your first step is to complete and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form this online form should take under 10 minutes to complete.

If you’re still in planning stages we can offer further support, matching you to potential collaborators, funders and partners if appropriate.

Once the activity details are finalised and the event is approved, you will receive information on how to upload details, tags, pictures and links to the main programme.

There is no deadline for submissions, as long as your activity is intended to start before December 2020. If you are looking for support in finding collaborators, audiences and/or funding, then you are advised to submit your EOI as soon as possible.

Will every event be included?

The only submissions that are unlikely to be included in the Essex 2020 programme are:

  • activities that have no relation or relevance to the celebration of STEAM or of Essex and its residents
  • activities that are sectarian or overtly divisive in nature, especially anything promoting extreme political or religious doctrine
  • activities that have a high risk of harm to participants or other stakeholders, without a clear and practical risk assessment and management plan

The Essex 2020 delivery team and Hubs may suggest some changes to dates, times, locations and content if it is felt that there are too many similar events happening at the same time/place. We may also encourage activities to be replicated or moved to areas with low participation rates but will always negotiate through dialogue and discussion before any decisions are made.

Successful EOI submissions will receive an organisers’ info pack, marketing tips and tools, introductions to the nearest Hub and guidance on uploading event details to the Essex 2020 website. We will also provide support and resources on what is expected regarding activity safeguarding, health and safety, financial management, insurances and risk-assessment. However, these aspects remain solely the responsibility of the specific event organiser.



We want Essex 2020 to spark curiosity, showcase innovation and create new ways to engage and inspire people and communities.

If you have an initiative or project planned for 2020, or simply have a great idea but just need the funding, tools or support to bring it to fruition – we’d love to hear from you.