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Data driven decision making

Nicki Mallett, Data and Analytics Intelligence Manager at Essex County Council supports the Essex Partners’ Essex Data programme, working to predict what challenges the future may hold for people across the county.

“One of Essex’s biggest challenges is a growing and ageing population. Currently we provide care services to around 6,500 children and about 17,000 older people. We are interested in predicting what challenges lie ahead for our residents, and understanding how we can better target our services to prevent risk or deliver support.”

The Essex Data programme focuses on safely sharing and analysing anonymous data about communities to drive decisions. By generating predictive insight, public services such as Health, Police and Local Authorities are able to intervene early, allowing them to design and deliver services that help improve people’s lives. By targeting these services more accurately to the right people, they are able to reduce public service demand and cost.

The Essex Data programme is already delivering insight focusing on school readiness, preventing escalating domestic abuse, addressing the issues of gangs, violence and vulnerability among young people and has a number of new projects in the pipeline, such as preventing the unnecessary use of A&E.

Nicki Mallett explains why being evidence led is important to partners across Essex, and the potential that sharing data can bring. Watch Nicki here, or click the video on the right hand side.