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Independent ethical review

Establishing the Essex Centre for Data Analytics (ecda) is proving an incredible journey for Essex Police, Essex County Council and the University of Essex.

Success is a journey, not a destination. ecda offers the principal partners a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and share for social good; to create change across their organisations and the system; and more significantly to enable data driven insight to inform the decisions we make about the future of our county.

Reducing harm; providing better services to our communities; protecting the most vulnerable people in Essex; data is very powerful when combined with the lived experience, and the opportunities to use data for good are exciting when data is shared and used ethically.

Enabling robust ethical review of ecda’s work is important to us, and a new Data Ethics Committee (DEC) is being established to provide additional and independent advice to ecda. 

The DEC will be responsible for providing ecda with advice on any ethical consideration or issues arising in each of the Centre’s data projects, and on whether they should go ahead and/or be altered in some way. In addition, the DEC will suggest any action or omission they consider appropriate with regard to the ethics issues identified. 

The new committee offers people the opportunity to be a part of our county’s new centre of excellence for data analytics and join us on our journey to generate powerful insight, intervene earlier, and prevent some of the biggest challenges facing people and places in our county.

ecda is looking for specialist and lay volunteers to serve on the DEC. Recruitment has been taking place throughout January and February for data science specialists, ethicists, academics with interest in the ethical use of technology, human rights advocates, and those with expertise in public sector and/or police ethics, social policy, IT, change management, research methods, health policy, regulatory frameworks, sociology, criminology, general or digital ethics and moral philosophy.

Applications are being accepted until 4 March 2020.

If you are seeking to apply as a lay member please provide a short personal statement detailing your
reasons for applying and what you think you can bring to the group.

If you wish to for volunteer as a non-lay member of the group please provide a short personal
statement of between 250 and 500 words detailing your reasons for applying, relevant experience, and
what you think you can bring to the group. Please also include an up to date CV. 

Applications should be made via email to by 4pm on 4 March 2020. 

ecda is also seeking a Chair and Vice-Chair for the group. If you would be interested in being
considered for either role please could you state this in your application.

It is anticipated that interviews will be held in April, and every effort will be made to be flexible to allow applicants to attend around their other commitments.


Page last updated 28 February 2020