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Collaborative learning

The data revolution has impacted the way we all experience our day to day lives. It also presents a unique opportunity to share and apply learning to designing and delivering services in the public sector. Read Essex Partners' collaborative learning blogs here.

How we learned to love analytics

Introducing Essex Innovates

Predicting what challenges the future holds

Evidence led decision making

The ethic of it

Transparent use of data

Digital Boomers

Clare Morris challenging perceptions

Technology promoting independent living

Can tech adoption help an ageing population?

Embedding data learning in Essex

Shifting our understanding in data science

Addressing the elephant in the room

Liz Ridler shines a light on ethical data sharing

Challenge Prize gets seal of approval

Richard Puleston on linking technology and human wellbeing

Developing recipes for success

Clare Burrell on creating insight through innovation

Foundations of place based data science

Liz Ridler on laying strong foundations in Essex

What can we learn from Essex

Stephen Aldridge tells us why it's exciting times for analysts