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Talking data with our citizens

For ecda, and its member organisations, it is imperative that Essex residents have a voice in how we use data to generate valuable insight to protect people from harm, support the most vulnerable, and make decisions about the services they receive from Essex County Council, Essex Police and our partners. 

That's why we launched a new series of Citizen Research and Engagement sessions in August 2020. Residents throughout Essex were invited to share their views, and tell us how they feel about Councils, Police, health and our partners sharing and combining the data we hold to create valuable new insight.

Online sessions took place between August and November, and we're combining all of the residents’ views to inform new recommendations about ecda’s practices, including enabling the Data Ethics Committee to consider citizens' aspirations and concerns as part of their independent review of each project. 

These sessions were a great addition to ecda’s existing engagement routes and created a space for collaborative conversation between diverse groups of residents and provided a forum for them to forge new links with the ecda team, its member organisations - ECC, University of Essex and Essex Police – and the independent Data Ethics Committee. 

ecda has worked alongside, spoken to, and surveyed thousands of residents as part of our work to date. In a survey conducted by Essex County Council in March-April 2020, seven in 10 residents told us that with their consent they are comfortable sharing data to generate insight that supports people, places and public services in Essex.

Our hope is that through open and honest conversation with residents together we can shape a role for citizens to be involved in ecda’s ongoing work. We're using residents' ideas and suggestions to create new opportunities to engage our county in a conversation about data analytics for social good.

Last updated 11/02/21